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Author: Ridge Rogue

June 2008

Continued from week 10 page.

Cherry wins FNL!

June 29th, 2008 at 2:55pm, EST, by Ridge Rogue


The theme for FNL was a spy night one and oh my god this really has become quite a cringeworthy show to watch. It absolutely must be rested next year when BB returns. In short, Cherry won the incredibly boring, lame games and the much-hyped celebrity appearance was nothing more than a cringeworthy interview recorded days ago. How humiliating! Terrence sat out the games again this week. Here's a summary of the rest for what it's worth for those that missed the show.

Round 1: Shoe phone fetch

Bianca, dressed as a dog, fetched shoes marked with a red colour for Alice. Meanwhile Terri, dressed as a dog, fetched shoes marked with a blue colour for Brigitte. All they had to do was throw the shoes through doors that were randomly opening and closing about two metres away from the white line that Alice and Brigitte had to throw from behind. The time limit was two minutes or until all shoes were used up. The "dogs" had to use only their mouths to pick up the shoes, so this wasted time. The winners of this borefest were Alice and Bianca with 9 shoes to 8 for the others. Brigitte kicked Terri in disgust (as you'd expect a spoilt brat with a violent streak to do).

That was the first part of this round. Then Mike asked himself (out loud): "What am I doing with my life?" I think we're all wondering the same thing, and we're all wondering this about everyone that works on this lame production. Now it was the turn of the male HMs to throw shoes. Ben and Jerry (love that ice cream) ... er, I mean Ben and Cherry (dressed as the dog) used shoes marked with a red colour while Rory and Travis (dressed as the dog) threw blue ones. The result was that the red shoes were used before the time limit ended and the score was 9 to Rory and Travis and 13 for Ben and Cherry.

Round 2: Spy disguise

Rory and Brigitte competed against Terri and Travis for two places back in the games. One HM in each team had to use only their mouth to dress the other HM in a tuxedo jacket, mo and hat. I noticed that Terri had some tongue action going while the mo was being attached to her by Travis (the hosts made a big deal out of it after). But Rory and Brigitte won easily. At this point, Mike made a joke that, "This is how Tim Campbell and Anthony Callea get ready in the morning." I kid you not, he said it. He often makes remarks that make him sound like a wanker. This was just another example.

Round 3: Ticking timebomb

This round was set up as a volleyball game of sorts. Each team needed to "defend" their side of the net from balloons filled with slime, because if they burst the other team scored a point. The team with five points would be the winner. So all they had to do was carefully catch the balloon thrown over the net by the opposing team and throw it back. Rory, Brigitte and Alice were the red team and the others were the blue team. After a few throws Cherry was slimed when a balloon burst as he tried to catch it. Then the other team dropped one. After a few more points were scored, the final result was red team: 5; blue team 3.

Missile diffusion and the big celebrity letdown

Ben, Bianca and Cherry competed for a place back in the games. All they had to do was pull a wire out of a box on a missile to see if it diffused the missile. Cherry got it. After this round, Mike was seen interviewing Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway in a pre-recorded interview. It was lame, nothing more to say for that hyped up disappointment. The ratings for FNL were down more than 100 000 people on last week, so, so much for that hype about Steve Carell.

Round 4: Crack the code

Rory and Alice were standing at a window ledge. A BB ninja had the task of showing them a code for the safe situated opposite the building. Remembering that code within 3 seconds, they then had to climb out the window and clamber down the ladder to street level. There waiting for them was a miniature BMW they could use to collect their code from smaller buildings on the way to the safe.

Then all they had to was unlock the safe and grab the file and yell: "We cracked the code, Chief!" They were very quick and completed the course in 59 seconds. However, time penalties applied for falling off the building. They both did that and each incurred 20 second penalties, taking their total time to 1:39. Cherry and Brigitte had their turn after the ad break. They seemed to be a lot slower but did it in 1:16.

Round 5: Spy Snap

Cherry and Brigitte were each dressed as a large hand. They each stood either side of a foam mat. The BB ninjas would each deal a card onto the mat and if two matched the HMs had to jump onto the mat and yell "snap" to score a point (the first one to do so getting the point). The winner would be determined when they reached three points. So the first two cards (a magnifying glass and a pair of sunglasses with a nose and mo attached) were dealt. Cherry jumped straight on them but shouldn't have. The next card was the sunnies and he jumped on them (one point to him). The next two cards were hats and Cherry was first on them (another point).

The next four or five cards weren't a match but Brigitte got sick of waiting and starting jumping on whatever came next. The ninjas had to reshuffle and swap the cards with each other and start again because they ran out. Brigitte kept on jumping on them and by now the ninjas must've been peeing themselves laughing. More cards turned up courtesy of Ginger Ninja. They tried to find matching ones to hurry the game along. Finally two torches turned up and Cherry jumped, claiming victory for FNL.

In the Diary Room, Cherry chose Terrence, Brigitte and Bianca to accompany him to see the Get Smart movie in the BB Cinema. This is because they were people that haven't been chosen that much (except Brigitte) for the movie in previous weeks. And that was another boring week of BB. Mike mentioned at the start of FNL that Carl Riseley will be on next week's FNL (an 'I Love New York' theme night). My former Idolchaos readers that might be here reading this will recall that I used to bag him for not being able to sing properly on Idol. I can only hope he has improved since then or he's only going to humiliate himself again.

Anyway, despite ridiculous reports earlier in the week (see Tim Brunero's blog, for example) about our betting odds provider being "hysterical" about Rory being the favourite to go tonight, I think it is obvious that Bianca or Terrence will go. The girlies that vote won't get rid of Rory. We'll see if my prediction is right tonight. And of course Rima goes back in with a secret mission to screw up the prize money ambitions of one or more of the HMs (so the rumours have it, but we'll have to see exactly what she has to do).



Revolving door to swing into action soon!

June 25th, 2008 at 8:45pm, EST, by Ridge Rogue


According to my e-newsletter from Dreamworld this week, Rima returns to the house on Sunday. Then, on Wednesday July 9th, there is a special show just for the kiddies. It's a school holiday special, according to the newsletter. But on NineMsn tonight, apparently Pamela Anderson will be the special guest that night (probably a far-fetched piece of fiction story). She will be teaching the HMs the "tricks of her trade".

Now, depending on which trade she's talking about, that might be unsuitable for kiddy entertainment that night. Believe it or not! This site supports the use of celebrities on BB, like other countries use them on their version of BB, but maybe the producers are starting to make a mockery of the show now. We'll see how this news goes down with fans and slammers alike.



Three eviction nominees this week!

June 23rd, 2008 at 11:55pm, EST, by Ridge Rogue


This update is just a brief one about the daily show and Big Mouth tonight. Nobbi's grenade was to put the oldies out in the van so the other HMs get some peace. The eviction nominees were Brigitte, Rory and Terrence, but the ditz saved herself and the nominees ended up being Rory, Terrence, Bianca. It's obvious that Bianca will go but if Terrence annoys Terri enough in the Kombi this week he could go just as easily.

On Big Mouth, the hosts, joined by Vesna again (yippee!!!), chatted about Nobbi exposing himself and Brigitte burping in Terrence's face. Then Tony talked to the HMs in the house and the show looked at the eviction nominees for this week. Nobbi joined the hosts and they all talked about the entertainment value he brought. Obviously the exposure incident was discussed and it was revealed (and shown) that Rory did something similar to Terri (twice) and BB reprimanded him as well.

The very cute and adorable Susannah (BB 7) was on the show for a few minutes. She introduced the Zoo segment where she talked about being a sex columnist for the mag. Then Rebecca's Zoo shoot was shown. I walked past that mag today in the shop and thought it was Rebecca on the cover. That was the show in a nutshell.

Vesna and Tim on the panel of Big Mouth



The bully of BB08 evicted!

June 23rd, 2008 at 12:54am, EST, by Ridge Rogue


This update provides a brief commentary about Sunday night's shows. I've waited all week to see if BB would try and screw up the Moon Monks while they were doing their task. Finally he did on Friday night when he sounded the shark alarm twice. The Monks ran and it was quite funny.

BB started the eviction show by splitting up the eviction nominees. There were two groups and two eviction rooms. The hosts soon sent Terri and Alice back to the house. There were chats along the way before this though. One subject was Nobbi's knob.

It'll be interesting to see if Big Mouth shows the penis flash from the weekend (not that I want to see it for the sake of it). This flash is when Nobbi exposed himself to Terri on Saturday night. The rules are a little bit more slack this year, so BB has let it go with an apology from Nobbi.

The eviction show hosts acknowledged the incident at least, which is a good thing (no point in covering it up). We won't be bothering to make a big deal out of it here at this site. But I understand that people discussing it at the official site's forum have been met with a wee little bit of censorship from the moderators (all the more reason to use our forum).

So with Cherry and Brigitte then returned to the house, there was a lot of messing around on the show with more chats between hosts and HMs. Then, with 59.1% of the vote, Nobbi was evicted and met with cheering from the audience and praise from Jackie O. And I agree that he was an entertaining HM - probably the only one, apart from Terrence a bit.

Terrence was left in the eviction room while the lovely Jackie O tried reasonably hard to debate with Nobbi about whether or not he bullied Travis. Kyle defended him. After all was said and done, Terrence was returned to the house, Brigitte wasn't pleased and that was that.



Brigitte wins FNL, Steve Carell and FND announced!

June 22nd, 2008 at 1:34pm, EST, by Ridge Rogue


Well bogans, this episode was for you. It was a heavy metal theme night on FNL and what an incredibly dull and boring episode this was. There seriously is an urgent, desperate need for FNL to be dropped after this series. It really has no place at all in the BB lineup now because it has outlived its usefulness. Anyway, the HMs were dressed in long mullet wigs and black outfits for a series of really lame games that saw ditzy Brigitte win the episode. Here's how it all went down.

Terrence sat out the games again. He had to be a groupie by wearing lipstick and a long blond wig. BB told the HMs that winning FNL is important, as he always does, and then said it's about who needs it most, for example. The vision switched to a close up of Brigitte's face. Is that a hint? The HMs were set to compete in the first round as guys in one team and gals in the other. The girls would compete first.

Round 1: Skid row

A recycled game from previous years, this one involved each HM taking two attempts to slide down a slippery surface on their feet for as far as possible until they fell over or reached the end. There were points markers along the way. The further each HM slid, the more points they'd score in total, with the two highest scoring ones going through to the next round. Alice, Bianca, Terri and Brigitte were first up.

They scored a total of: Alice: 2; Bianca: 1; Brigitte: 2; Terri: 1 on their first attempt. Then they scored: Alice: 2; Bianca: 1; Brigitte: 3; Terri: 2, meaning that Alice and Brigitte progressed. The second part of this round saw the guys score: Nobbi: 10; Rory: 5; Cherry: 1; Ben: 1; Travis: 0 on their first attempt. Their second run saw Nobbi score 4; Rory: 6; Cherry: 5; Ben: 4; Travis: 2, meaning that Nobbi and Rory progressed.

Round 2: Kick drum

The losing HMs so far competed for two places back in the games. Using another recycled game yet again, the BB ninjas spun each HM around 10 times before releasing them to kick a drum onto a score target with points. The most points helped, obviously. Half of the HMs staggered around after they were released from the spin and the others actually didn't seem too dizzy and kicked the drum. The points were: Cherry 1; Ben: 2; Travis: 4; Bianca: 0; Terri: 3. Travis and Terri progressed to the next round.

Round 3: Iron maiden

After the hosts talked to Rhianna, it was time for a different game from what I've seen before (with only a few elements recycled from similar ones from the past). In teams now (Alice, Terri and Nobbi in one team and the others in the other team) one HM was dressed in a large iron outfit. They had to push another HM lying on an ironing board around triangular shapes to the third team member. The iron HM then had to jump on the other one on the board and the third HM, dressed as a maid, had to push the board containing both HMs past a line to collect clothes for the basket being held by the HM on the holding it on the board. The fastest team won.

Nobbi's team did it in 1:30 but incurred a 10 second time penalty for throwing the bra in late and hitting a triangle along the way (a fake iron weight). After a plug for 'Friday Night Download', which returns next month, as promised last year by Ten, and an ad break and the pegface photos segment that they do every week, the other team completed the course in 1:10, which saw them progress further in the games.

Round 4: Pin the tongue on Gene Symmons

Terri, Alice, Rory and Nobbi competed for one place back in the games. A nice little piece of artwork of Gene was revealed by a BB ninja and the blindfolded HMs took it in turns to try to attach a tongue in the right place, after being spun around 3 times (same game as the Michael Jackson one a few weeks ago). Nobbi was way off from the centre a bit but Alice was quite a close. Terri ended up feeling up the cameraman and a BB ninja before finding the artwork and plonking the tongue right under Alice's marker. She won.

Round 5: Air guitar challenge.

You wouldn't believe the amount of time wasted in this part of the show, and the moron that judged the round. The FNL hosts introduced to viewers the Queensland representative of Air Guitar Australia, Tony Blass (aka Wrath McKenzie). The HMs were prepared by BB to play air guitar to a 30 second song. The judging criteria were technique, enthusiasm, facial expression and raw emotion. Remember those when we get to the scores because I'm going to complain a bit about the judging. Then BB introduced Wrath on the TV screen.

First up was Rory and he did reasonably well with jumping around and face-pulling and the lot but only scored 7 out of 10 from Wrath. Brigitte was next and just writhed and rolled around on the ground. Mr Moron reckoned it was "visually stunning" and "emotionally moving" and gave her 9 out of 10. That's bulls**t! Then Travis performed as if he was having a seizure and frigging Wrath gave him 10 out of 10. That's even more bulls**t!

But then Terri performed. She grossed everyone out with tongue wagging on her knees but nothing else. What did Mr Moron say? He said, "Now that's how you use a tongue. Call me!" Mike Goldman thought it was hilarious but I wonder if Wrath actually watches this show. She's a 52-year-old granny, Wrath, ya sick f**k! Anyway, he gave her 8 out of 10. Brigitte and Travis were through to the final round.

Round 6: Smash and grab

All the finalists had to do was run along and, using cheap wooden guitars, smash fake amplifiers hanging overhead. These contained a key. They needed 5 to then run to the door at the other end to grab their "backstage pass" to win FNL. Only one key would fit the lock in the door. The two were tied until one of Brigitte's first few keys opened the door. She was the "master of metal" and "the ruler of rock" according to BB and had won FNL.

In the Diary Room, her favourite movie 'How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days' was on offer as a prize. She chose to take Alice, Terri and Travis to accompany her to the movie. Mike closed FNL by saying that the next FNL is Get Smart spy night night with Steve Carell. And that was the end of a most boring week indeed. The weekly task was lame but at least Nobbi tried to entertain and they passed the secret Moon worshipping task. The hosts of FNL tried to influence the voters by saying that they think Nobbi will get the boot tonight. We'll soon see but I'm annoyed that the opportunity to have a double eviction has been wasted.



Nominations poll closes

June 18th, 2008 at 12:22pm, EST, by Ridge Rogue


I recently asked readers if they were happy that nominations will be shown after Monday's daily show each week. A whopping 38 voters took the time to vote :) (I know there's much less interest in BB this year, so it doesn't surprise me that the interactive areas of the site aren't being used much.)

The results of the poll show (below) that 63% are pleased to see the nominations return to Monday nights. It probably helps that there is no additional messing around by having hosts saying tongue twisters, like Gretel used to on the live nominations show. So it seems to meet with the approval of many viewers (or at least this very small sample).



6 eviction nominees!

June 17th, 2008 at 12:40am, EST, by Ridge Rogue


This update is a short summary about the eviction nominations and Big Mouth. The daily show tonight revealed that the cash was under the Diary Room chair. Each little box was in $25 000 amounts and each HM gets to keep one. But, when they are evicted they get to give their money to a HM of their choosing. It could turn out to be a slightly interesting way of going about it. Most of these HMs don't really like each other, so Travis will end up with most of the money because they all like him (sort of).

The eviction nominations voting came down to Cherry, Terrence, Alice and Rory. Nobbi saved Rory, of course, and that brought himself and Brigitte into the mix. So there's 6 to choose from. I'd rather see Brig go, but if the show is persuasive enough this week in the storyline arcs, then Nobbi will get the boot. I'll be interested to see how the FNL hosts talk negatively about him as well. Will it work?

The voting went: Alice: 4; Ben: 2; Bianca: 2; Brigitte: 3; Cherry: 5; Nobbi: 3; Rory: 4; Terrence: 5; Terri: 3 and Travis: 0.

Vesna (BB5) joined the Big Mouth panel. I was thrilled. I fu**ing love Vesna! She has the most beautiful face and rack ever on BB (excuse my honesty). And they showed her topless from BB 5. It's the only jugs we've seen on this show this year. Thank f**k for that!!! No penises for a change. So they had a shrink giving Rhianna advice on going back to the basics with Rory - to rebuild their relationship.

Often "stressful situations" (which BB is meant to be) brings people closer, the shrink said, but they need to start again on the outside. The highly touted uncut footage of Rhianna and Rory was just her whacking him off under the covers. Big deal!



Rhianna evicted, series prize revealed!

June 15th, 2008 at 10:03pm, EST, by Ridge Rogue


This update is a brief one about tonight's shows and some of the information they revealed. On the daily show, Terri named Nobbi's "cult" as 'the evil black crows in the tree' (they all sit in the tree talking behind everyone's back). Also, there were strikes handed out for nominations discussion. Like I've said here recently again this year, I really want this show to "grow up" next year and allow face-to-face nominations discussion.

There was some highlights of Brigitte's birthday party, which was held in 'Sparkle Land' in the second house (named after her toy unicorn, Princess Sparkles). She watched a video message from her family and her father cried a bit (that's how humiliated he is by her immaturity and violent personality). Now she's 21, she can probably get rid of Sparkles and start to grow up a bit.

During the eviction show, the nominees chatted to the hosts and it was revealed that $250 000 is the winner's prize. It's actually in the house. When Kyle said it's somewhere that you place your bum, I straight away thought of the giant bed (it's probably under there). The HMs will receive clues from a treasure chest in the backyard.

A contractor gave all this away in April at a BB Oz slam site. The know-alls there didn't appreciate the tip off and abused him (surprise, surprise). Now look who's laughing at them. I'm not sure what the story is with the rest of the money they've won so far. I guess that's included in the $250 000 (or at least the $60 000, not Bianca's $2 000, for example).

Anyway, Rhianna was evicted with 37.7% of the votes. Then, after a chat between her and the hosts, BB told the HMs that the prize money has always been there and that they could start digging for the treasure chest (containing puzzle pieces to form a riddle, or "poem" as Kyle called it). They weren't in any hurry. BB has filled the lawn with a metre high length of sand. No wonder they weren't eager but I've noticed tonight that they've found the puzzle pieces.

Then they still have to work out where the money is. It is inside the house, not outside. This could take them weeks if they look in the wrapping of the tree; under the question mark couch (which could serve as a pointer to the location); in the lockers with the removable backing (which you could sit on, as per the clue).

It all sounds like another good idea on paper - that could bring out the worst in the HMs - but it remains to be seen whether it actually turns out to be a good idea or not in reality. It could turn out to drag on for a longer than expected time. Everyone will then criticise the show (including me, no doubt).




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