Lina, Penny, Priya, evicted on Big Brother 25 November 2014

Lina, Penny, Priya, evicted on Big Brother 25 November 2014

Lina, Penny, Priya, evicted on Big Brother 25 November 2014

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Lina, Penny, Priya, evicted on Big Brother 25 November 2014

Lina, Penny and Priya were evicted on Big Brother Australia tonight. It was a predictable result but here is a brief look at what happened.

Photo: Preserved in online history. Sonia and Baby Bump prepare to evict the first Housemate in tonight’s triple eviction. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that a pregnant woman can’t do her job because that’s pregnancy discrimination in the workplace.


And another one of Sonia hosting tonight.


Finally, the voting percentages were shown but only for the remaining three Housemates. It has been weeks since we last saw any voting percentages. Who will win out of Ryan, Travis and Skye?


We farewelled Ned and Kelly on tonight’s show. They start their new life with a new family. Then we got down to the evictions and the result was predictable.

Lina was first out the door. Like other “Housemates from next door”, she was not legendary enough to receive a $5,000 voucher from one of the show’s advertising partners.


Penny was next out the door and she did not receive a prize voucher either. She cried with delight at the audience cheers for her. She is a bit weird in a way, like Sonia said, but that is why we love her so much. She should have been there from the start of the season!


Priya was the third Housemate to be evicted tonight. She was given a $5,000 prize voucher to add to the money she won earlier in the series.


This leaves Ryan, the bookie’s favourite to win, plus Skye and Travis. Who will win series 11 of Brother Australia 2014? The answer will be revealed on the 26th November, 2014.

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