Gossip about Big Brother being rested in 2015?

Gossip about Big Brother being rested in 2015?

Gossip about Big Brother being rested in 2015?

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Gossip about Big Brother being rested in 2015?

Will Big Brother be rested in 2015? Here is some gossip that you can make of what you please. Comments from this site’s Facebook page are included below.


Update 11/8/15

Big Brother Australia Gold Coast House Reportedly Dismantled

Original post 24/11/15

People arriving at last Tuesday’s eviction reported online that they saw Sonia filming a farewell message. Then there was an interview on the official Big Brother Australia web site that quoted the head honcho discussing the grand finale for this week. He was saying that former Housemates from previous years will join current Housemates to celebrate eleven years of the show on Australian television. However, there may also be a look at the future of BB in this country. It does not sound good?

Then today, people started saying online that they heard on the radio this morning that the Nine Network will rest the show in 2015 instead of letting another TV network grab it. This season of BB in 2014 has been widely criticised as the most woeful ever and the overall ratings figures reflect that, despite the spin about wins in the target demographics. The Nine Network has also been widely criticised for its poor treatment of the show by chopping and changing start times and even cutting it down to just four nights a week of daily shows and evictions and nominations.

I asked people on the Big Brother Australia – Big Brother Chaos Facebook page:

Anyone else hear this whole gossip story on radio this morning? It was about Nine resting BB for now rather than let another TV network grab it? If that’s true and it is rested for more than a year, is it really fair or should they just let Seven take it?

Responses included these.

Michael said:

Channel 10 did a much better job than Nine has. This season has been a hot mess. From the casting, the time slot, airing the show over 2 channels, dropping Friday Night Games/Uplate & Adults Only (Uncut) … the list goes on. If you want to air a show like BB, you have to commit to it fully. Everything this year has been staged & contrived. I’m not sure Channel 7 would do any better than Channel 9. I’m not sure what time it airs in the other countries but the show was never really meant for teenagers which sadly it’s become. Hence the casting of young & fit soap star types we’ve seen the last few years. If you want gritty TV aimed at adults a complete overhaul of the format is definitely required.

Kris said:

I heard Sonia has recorded a fair well for finale and it will take at least a year off. I have family at seven who said its rumored 7 have made a bid for the franchise. But in order for it to change networks it will need at least 1 year rested and will return with a different format.

Sharyn said:

It doesn’t surprise me it will be rested next year, has been bloody woeful…..I’ve loved it, in the past, but I was so disappointed this time…. I don’t want it rested I want it BACK!!!! the way it was..with Prizes, Sunday Night Evictions, showing them more, not just evicting them, man that’s all this year was about Evictions, ffs

Alison said:

Channel 7! Oh dear god no! Think Dancing with the Stars, that diving show or the dig for a million show. Poor production, lack of polish… It has to go back to Ten 🙂 Channel None have just made a mess of it.

Julie said:

3AW said that this morning, no big bro next year on channel 9 and they won’t axe it as another network could get it.

Well, there you go. Make of it what you will and we will see what comes of it this week.

About the author:

I love watching the "reality" television show Big Brother Australia and have been doing so since 2001 when it started. I provide commentary here on this site and also in it's associated Facebook page at Big Brother Australia - Big Brother Chaos. In the latter, some people have said that they thought that I was a woman "because no man can be so witty". My work has been referenced in a few online news stories and by university students studying the Big Brother Australia phenomenon in its early days in Australia. I generally do not do interviews but any requests for an opinion can be made via email (link at bottom of site home page) and I will consider it.

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