Big Brother Australia Gold Coast House Reportedly Dismantled

Big Brother Australia Gold Coast House Reportedly Dismantled

Big Brother Australia Gold Coast House Reportedly Dismantled

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The Big Brother Australia Gold Coast House has been or is being dismantled, we are led to believe? But, of course, there is more to the story.

There is a photo floating around at the moment and it supposedly shows the BB House being “dismantled”. I checked the BB Chaos archive and the exact same photo was around early last year during the construction of the House.

Here is the photo being used:

BB house 2014

The media picked up on a story in an online forum which included the following. This also includes some old news in reference to Nine’s web site and previous media mentions of the show not coming back in 2015.

A return for Big Brother in Australia is looking very unlikely, as the House at Dreamworld has been dismantled.

Reports are currently suggesting that the Big Brother House – located at Dreamworld Theme Park on Australia’s Gold Coast – has been dismantled. This also comes as Channel 9 confirmed that they have no immediate plans to bring back Big Brother.

All references to Big Brother have been removed from Nine’s website however the network’s chief programming and production chief Andrew Backwell insisted: “We have no plans to bring it back at this stage, it is however still in consideration so we are certainly not ruling it out.”

“We also believe it would work brilliantly on GO but we need to work through a business case to see if the investment was viable.”

So is the House just being gutted like it has been in the past or is this all a load of nonsense “news”? Anyone who goes to Dreamworld might be able to see for themselves maybe? Take this “news” with a big grain of salt at this stage!


Daily Mail, Big Brother house is not being dismantled, 10th August, 2015 (says BB House is being made ready for a potential future series).

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