Who is the voice of Big Brother Australia?

2001 – 2003

For the first three years of Big Brother Australia, the voice of Big Brother was Executive Producer Peter Abbott. There were a few Deputy Big Brother voices also.

2004 – 2008

From 2004 to 2007, the voices included female Deputy Big Brother producers. The main voice was:
* Former newspaper and television Journalist, Nick “Carrot Top” Colquhoun (also referred to as “Ginger Meggs”).

He was assisted by other Deputy Big Brother producers that lent their voice to the job. Contrary to popular belief among some viewers the Executive Producer (2004 – 2007), Kris Noble, was never a voice of Big Brother Australia.

In 2007, the Supervising Producer – House roles, which were voices of Big Brother, were:
* Rikkie Proost (from Big Brother series 1 in South Africa)
* Amy Coleman
* Aaron Lucas (ocker sounding voice)
* Mark Grieve

In 2008 they were:
* Leon Murray (used to do the limericks on BB Up Late)
* Jonathan Coffey (described as having a bit of an “effeminate” voice)
* Aaron Lucas (who was back in 2008 and landed a job on Adelaide radio just before BB ended in July 2008, according to AdelaideNow at the time.)


The voices, as seen in the crew list in the forum, are:
* Leon Murray (returning as the main voice of BB)
* Peter Dempsey
* Peter Cunningham (Relief)


The voices that are known so far in BB 10 are:
* Leon Murray (returning as the main voice of BB)
* Peter Cunningham
* Peter Dempsey

House & Housemate Photos

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Big Brother Facebook

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North American Viewers

Lots more North American viewers are watching BB AU via YouTube and other places in 2013 and 2014, they have said in the BB Chaos Facebook.

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