Big Brother Australia Where are they now?

Big Brother Australia Where are they now?

This Big Brother Australia where are they now page covers Housemates from 2001 to 2008 only at this stage. It was last revised on June 30, 2014.


Big Brother Chaos strives to ensure that almost all of the information on this page is accurate. It has come from the housemates themselves, either in media interviews or when they have contacted this site with updates. Some information on this page also came from what was said on the show itself and is obviously therefore entirely accurate as a matter of record.

There will be a small amount of information from unreliable BB and media sites, but as soon as this is flagged it will be corrected. Where it says that the person has not been seen much since, that is from the public’s perspective only (some former HMs do keep in touch with each other at least).

Although this page is not likely to be updated all that often, there are still some updates occasionally, so feel free to check in at least once every few months. Housemates can continue to email this site (see bottom of site home page for link) or just use the Big Brother Australia – Big Brother Chaos Facebook page to drop an email with information for later inclusion here by an editor.

Big Brother Australia 2001 – Series 1 Housemates

Ben Williams – series winner – went on to work for World Vision and a sports management company. There has been little news around about his eye condition so hopefully everything is going well. Ben got married to Seven Network’s ‘Sunrise’ producer Jade Robran in a Bali beach wedding on January 15, 2008 and is still running the sports management agency.

Blair McDonough – series runner-up – his contract with ‘Neighbours’ (where he had worked since BB) was up for re-negotiation in November and it was rumoured that he was going to quit and move to the UK, where he has been a popular star in pantomimes. In November 2005 he taped his final scenes in the third week of November and he hits the States and the UK in 2006 to look for greater fame and fortune.

Sara-Marie Fedele – series third place – she worked in a few clothing shops, then quickly launched her own clothing line, a single, a book, hosted ‘Totally Wild’ and more recently has appeared in car commercials, a popular dancing show and on a medical show where she had a breast reduction.

Christina Davis – studied acting and comedy performance in the US and went back to being a comedian. She can be seen on cable TV from time to time. In 2006 she appeared in a major comedy festival.

Jemma Gawned – was a reporter for a modelling show on TV. She then launched a cosmetics business that is still going strong and some lines are in major retail stores. She will appear on City Homicide on July 21st, 2008 on Seven (as a murder victim) and is keen to do more acting work.

Her cosmetics range was taken off the market by 2009 and she launched an organic foods business called ‘Naked Treaties’. She also owns a health food cafe in Byron Bay.

Johnny Cass – appeared in movies and went back to his job as a personal trainer. He has also pursued acting and charity work.

Peter Timbs – worked in radio and then settled into a career as a journalist where he was a writer for a TV magazine. In March 2007, he was seen presenting a tabloid gossip segment each day on ‘The Catch-Up’ on the Nine Network (Australian version, not UK one). After 5 years at TV Week, Pete moved to the Sunshine Coast to co-host a drivetime radio show on Hot 91.1 FM.

Lisa Standing – worked as a TV reporter on a cable TV show, according to the BB DVD, and then took off to London and has not been seen since.

Gordon Sloan – Flash Gordon went back to university where he moved from architectural studies to 3D animation (after which he obtained work as a spokesperson for a video game company). He was also a human shield in Baghdad, Iraq until the tanks came. It is with great sadness that BB Chaos learned that he passed away in September of 2007 in a hospital in Beijing, China.

Todd James – recorded an album with his band and wrote a column in a magazine for a while. He and his dreadlocks have not been seen since.

Sharna West – worked as a newspaper columnist for a while and went back to her job in an airline until it closed. She has not been seen since.

Andy Silva – went back to university after BB and also to work as a dominatrix and she is still doing that job.

Anita Bloomfield – (intruder) went back to her toy business for a while and then bought a bar in Bondi called ‘Coyote Bondi’.

Rachel Corbett – (intruder) returned to university studies and her job as a clerk. She also hosted a radio show for a while and has not been seen since.

Big Brother Australia 2002 – Series 2 Housemates

Peter Corbett – series two winner – went back to his job at the hospital as an IT Consultant and also studied medicine. He also became heavily involved in promoting several charities.

Nathan “Marty” Martin – series two runner-up – hosted a kid’s game show called ‘Isladares’. A few years later he moved with Jess to the Northern Territory and they got married and have started a family. That was BB’s only housemate couple’s wedding so far and 18 months later, as of late 2005, the first and only BB divorce.

Sahra Kearney – series two third place – went back to her bank job and quit. She then got a job in a tattoo parlour, pursued music and acting (and worked on community TV) and declared that BB ruined her life apparently. She has not been seen since.

Jessica Hardy – did some radio and TV work. She was also in her own reality show where she got married (see Marty’s entry above) but that ended in divorce 18 months later. She was seen in 2012 on Fox8’s ‘Dating In The Dark’.

Mirabai Peart – continued to do gigs with her band for a while and has not been seen since.

Alex Christie – went into radio advertising sales and has not been seen anywhere since on TV, nor heard on radio.

Nathan Morris – got a job in Perth on the radio station ‘Nova’ where he still works. He also hosted a cable TV show with Shannon (see below) called ‘Takeshi’s Castle’ (the Japanese game show where contestants run around injuring themselves). He appeared as a panelist on ‘Big Brother Big Mouth’ in 2008 in episode three.

Turkan Aksoy – was a regular newspaper columnist for a while and she pursued charity work. She has not been seen since.

Shannon Cleary – went back to the fitness company that she previously worked for after hosting a show with Nathan (see above).

Damian Hoo – returned to his studies, continued to do gigs with his band and he also became a rugby player. He has not been seen since.

Aaron Benton – quit his military job, did some TV ads and has not been seen since.

Katrina Miani – returned to her job in the legal profession, as a secretary, which she still does in 2006. She also, unsuccessfully, auditioned for BB 3 and is doing a show at the Adelaide Fringe called “Reality TV Freak” in late February to early March. Katrina’s Fringe biography stated:

She initally started doing stand-up so she could meet cute comedians, but now Katrina has taken a shine to the comedy stage and has put together her first solo show “Reality TV Freak”.

Katrina posted messages on OzUpdates at the time. She said that her first night was great, the second night was not (and she was upset enough to nearly cancel the show) but from there onwards it was all good. The audiences were generally small but laughed for the whole hour.

Brodie Young – (intruder) up until late 2005 had not been seen in the media regularly but he was seen on TV for a while in various acting and presenter roles. That went quiet until late 2005 when he was seen co-hosting a late night music show on SBS, called ‘Noise TV’. In late March 2006 he was seen hosting another episode of that show. From July 24th, 2006, he has been a co-host on ‘Quizmania’ in a late night timeslot on Nine (continuing in 2007).

Nicole Dickmann – (intruder) had a job for two weeks as a secretary in a modelling joint before it was exposed on TV as an alleged sham. She has not been seen since.

Keiran Tanner – (intruder) did some radio work and went back to selling Avon and has not been seen since. There was a story posted on this site that he got married.

Big Brother Australia 2003 – Series 3 Housemates

Regina Bird – series three winner – returned to her food store then divorced her husband and moved interstate. She was then allegedly swindled out of money, got her dream job as an airline hosted and declared that her colleagues were “jealous bitches” and quit and then appeared on a skating show in 2005. In 2006, her prize money was all gone and she moved to Queensland to escape from the cold weather in the southern states. She was unemployed as of May 2006. In April 2007, she had a child with her fiance.

Chrissie Swan – series three runner-up – got a job in Queensland working in a popular radio station. She stayed there until December 2006 and then moved back to Melbourne to pursue copywriting again. In 2007, she picked up radio work at Nova. She was last seen on ‘Out of the Question’ on Seven on Feb 14, 2008 and then appeared as a panelist on ‘Big Brother Big Mouth’ in 2008 in episodes one and two. She has also had a baby.

Daniel McInness – went back to his part time job in a video game arcade and was seen in TV ads that year. He has not started his film company but he turns up to Australian Idol auditions each year dressed as some sort of character. In 2005 he simply dropped his pants and sang in Jim Carrey mode whilst moving his butt cheeks. He is also a musician apparently and has released some work through an independent label.

Patrick Flanagan – has not been seen since (except as a diner in a popular television restaurant show in 2005). He is now married and has a son.

Vincent Amato – The Cenz is probably still growling in the ears of women to turn them on but has not been seen since.

Daniel “Saxon” Small – this incredibly lucky guy was friendly with host of BB for a while. He worked for her in a documentary and was seen in public with her several times at functions and when travelling back home from one of those with Gretel. A month or so after BB 3 ended, Daniel and Gretel also arrived at a red carpet event together holding hands as a lark for the media and for the host of the television show airing the event, who quizzed them about their “developing romance” after BB 3 ended. Daniel had a brief romance with Jo Ashton before pursuing a girlfriend from the previous year, he claimed in the media. Gretel said in 2004 during BB 4 that she was taken and because Daniel was at the evictions using her dressing room to do study work it was assumed that there was a romance. He claimed that he was at some of the BB 4 shows (with Gretel’s help) to learn about television production. The two moved in different directions by mid 2004 and he has not been seen in the media since.

Joanne Ashton – took up work as a barmaid and did some modelling and TV hosting, then returned to her work as a lawyer but only after moving to Queensland to be with a rugby player apparently. She continues to pose in photo shoots in men’s magazines. She has also got married and had a child.

Claire Bellis – is probably still sleeping all day because she has not been seen since.

Benjamin Archbold – is now a lawyer.

Belinda Thorpe – returned to her job as a hairdresser and has not been seen since.

Carlo Marino – appeared on the celebrity edition of a hypnotist’s TV show and then got a job in a service station. He has not been seen in the media since.

Leah White – has not been seen since.

Jaime Cerda – has not been seen since.

Irena Bukhshtaber – used to provide commentary on a BB slam site for a while. She contacted BB Chaos with an update in early January 2009. She said she worked for the Clean Energy Council, the Australian renewable energy and energy efficiency peak lobby group, until November 2008. She was also the primary spokesperson there for a while. Now in 2009, she is working as a communications consultant for a consulting company and is expecting a child in early 2009.

Jamie O’Brien – (intruder) co-hosted a one-off show with Jo Ashton (see below) and Johnny (see series one) and has not been seen since.

Kim-Marie Drury – (intruder) was driven out of her home town by the locals after saying that the place was boring on national TV. She was moved by BB to Queensland with her boyfriend at the time and has not been seen since.

Anouska Golebiewski – from BB 4 UK. Special guest HM.

Big Brother Australia 2004 – Series 4 Housemates

Trevor Butler – proposed to Breea on the series finale and married her this year. He also turned up on a celebrity fitness show but has since put the weight back on. In 2006 he worked in a radio station in promotions.

Paul Dyer – apparently released a single but was then not seen until the second-to-last ‘Friday Night Live’ (FNL) in 2005 on Big Brother. He works in his surf shop where he still has quite a lot of work coming through. He auditioned for BB 8 but didn’t make it past the questionnaire. However, he signed on to host ‘Big Mouth’ in 2008 instead.

Bree Amer – took off to Noumea or somewhere like that with Mikey G late in 2004 and has co-hosted FNL with him and Fryzie (see below) since 2005. She also appeared as a guest panelist on ‘Yasmin’s Getting Married’ in August 2006 for one episode.

Ryan “Fryzie” “Fitzy” Fitzgerald – decided not to return to football and is a co-host on a football show, a radio star and he has co-hosted FNL since 2005. In 2007 he was engaged to Belinda “BJ” Irons and they married on March 15th, 2008. Our best wishes to the lovely couple for a long, happy marriage!

Catherine Tremolada – has not been seen since.

Wesley Dening – hosted ‘Totally Wild’ and left for America in 2009 where he runs a TV production company.

Ashalea McWalters – hosted a kids show on television.

Kane Dignum – has not been seen since.

Merlin Luck – attends protests outside detention centres but other than that he has not been seen since but did finally become a citizen.

Terri Mann – became a spokeperson for an online dating site but has not been seen since.

Bree “Elle” Quartermaine – was highly embarrassed by her appearance on BB and soon became a recluse (and sadly she refuses to speak to any of her former housemates).

Krystal Ince – has not been seen since.

Igor Vurmeski – has not been seen much since but was due to appear in a hair loss ad and to be an ambassador for a local car manufacturer. On February 9th, 2007 he was seen in ‘Shopping For Love’ – a dating show on Nine. The date was a flop.

Aphrodite Vuitton – had an extreme makeover including a breast enlargement but otherwise has not been seen since.

Monica de Bolso – (intruder) has not been seen since.

Violeta – (intruder) has not been seen since.

Miriam – special guest celebrity HM.

Big Brother Australia 2005 – Series 5 Housemates

David Mathew and Greg Mathew – despite David’s eviction the twins officially competed together as one contestant until the very end. They won a car, overseas vacation, mobile phones and $836 000. In October 2005 David was working at Sea World as a barefoot water skier. The twins also made appearances on ‘Celebrity Ready Steady Cook’, ‘Celebrity World Poker Tour’, ‘Temptation’ and other shows. In early 2006 they had a “vacation” in the North Pole. Since then, Greg fulfilled his dream to start his own site management company and David is a property renovator now.

Angela Aiken – was only seen on BB when required after her eviction and was interviewed by magazines for her insight. She returned to her dating agency business.

Christie Mills – appeared in what some say was a highly airbrushed photo shoot after BB 5 ended. In 2006 she appeared on

Dean Glucina – moved to Melbourne to be with his girlfriend and was looking around for work. He used an online auction site in 2005 to try to sell the car that he won but there was no interest from the public.

Janie “Gianna” Pattison – appeared in a photo shoot and moved to Sydney after her home in Adelaide was flooded during a freak storm in 2006. In April 2007 she was seen in an ad for ‘The Rich List’ on Seven.

Gianna posted in this site’s Facebook page in mid August 2012. She told everyone that since her appearance in BB 5: “I have become a fully qualified Veterinary Nurse. I currently work in a hospital where we train a lot of Vet Students.” She has done some acting and also got married. Some of her acting work includes (YouTube videos): Carlton Natural Blonde Beer Ad. No.2.. and a movie called “The Devil’s 6 Commandments“. More of her work can be found on the Gianna Pattison – Actress Facebook page.

Glenn Dallinger – continued to travel around the country during 2005. In 2006 he appeared on FNG and hasn’t been seen since.

Simon “Hotdogs” Deering – got into trouble during his nightclub appearances after his eviction but soon landed his own late night TV game show (that was widely considered to be a joke). In 2006, he was living in Melbourne with Vesna (see below) and her sister during BB 6 (while his show was being temporarily rested). He still lives near Vesna but doesn’t bother to talk to her.

Richelle “Kate” Benson – appeared on the show when required after her eviction (on Up Late and FNL as a co-host) but has not seen much since. She filmed a television pilot, returned to her studies and got a new job as a personal assistant. In early 2006 she travelled around the country visiting some of her former housemates and picked up work in Melbourne, Sydney (where she was living while BB 6 was running) and on the Gold Coast.

Michael Farnsworth – contributed to the show by breaching a code of conduct and has not been seen much since.

Michelle Carew-Gibson – has managed to keep her clothes on except for one photo shoot or two but has not been seen since.

Nelson Russell – his 15 minutes of fame ended instantly.

Tim Brunero – went to East Timor and also appeared on a cooking show along with the Logan twins (and Hotdogs and Vesna did the show also). He wrote a series of columns for The Chaser site as well. In 2006 he appeared on FNG and after that he continued writing weblogs and appearing in videoblogs. He has also done public speaking on trade union issues and even popped up in a podcast on a BB fansite (BBBA) during BB 6 in 2006. In 2007, he hosted his own podcasts and videocasts on his own site. He has signed on to host Big Mouth in 2008.

Geneva Loader – got a job in a transport company.

Constance Hall – apparently got into trouble at a party and has not been seen much since.

Vesna Tosevska – (replacement) was so popular on the nightclub appearance circuit with bookings until November 2005 that she thought of closing her hairdressing salon apparently but ended up hiring more staff. She was on ‘Celebrity Ready Steady Cook’ just after BB 5 ended and then commenced a weight loss program after putting on excess weight in the BB house. In 2006, she appeared on FNG. She released 5 vodcasts in 2007 and in 2008 she can be seen pondering life on her MySpace site. She auditioned for BB 8 but was rejected. In her first Snatchcast for 2008, in June, Vesna said that she sold her business and is moving to Sydney for 4 months to follow her boyfriend for a new job, before returning to Melbourne.

Rachael Burns – (replacement) has since further developed a media career. She got in touch with this site in 2006 to tell us that she launched her MySpace site – also here – and to inform us that, since BB 5, she has done promotional work, studied television presenting and producing and is currently studying acting. She has been a presenter on a cable television show (in which she scripted and produced segments) and she may pursue an acting career overseas in 2007.

Heath Tournia – (intruder) has not been seen much since.

Melanie Smerdon – (intruder) returned to her work as a promotions model and in September (when this page was published) she turned up on the arms of a St. Kilda footballer at the Brownlow Medal presentation (see small photo right).

Marissa “Rita” Lazzarotto – (intruder) has not been heard (with her constant talking) or been seen much since.

Nadia Almada – special guest HM from BB UK 4.

Big Brother Australia 2006 – Series 6 Housemates

Michael McCoy (the first Insider and fifth evictee) – Straight after his eviction, Michael filmed several toothbrush commercials for a sponsor of BB 6. He was the toothbrush thief in the BB House in the week leading up to his eviction. In August he appeared on ‘Insight’ on SBS where he declared that everything about BB is fake. He also said that he plans to be a Political Strategist after he finishes his Political Science studies.

Michael “John” Bric (the Tourette’s guy who says “get there” all the time). He was removed from the House in week ten. Since BB6 he has been studying and doing some writing. He hopes to get into TV presentation one day.

Michael “Ashley” Cox – He was removed from the House in week ten. He was in deep financial trouble and has been trying to work his way out of it since. He posted in this site’s Facebook in June 2014 that, contrary to a media story at the time, he is living in Western Australia, working in his business and is newly engaged.

Camilla Severi – she was a Revenge Room guest in the second week (after a fake eviction) but lasted until the end and was the runner-up. She scored a regular gig on a radio station in Brisbane. In 2007, she had a baby and still works on radio in 2008.

Gaelan Walker – Was the twelfth evictee after avoiding being nominated for the whole series until that point. He appeared on ‘The Wedge’ in November 2006.

Katie Hastings (evictee number nine). Katie promoted a virgin water brand in early 2007 (see exclusive photos in Gallery) and filmed a guest spot on ‘Kath and Kim’ that aired on Seven on September 2nd, 2007. She also completed a personal fitness trainer course in August 2007. She and Jamie split up immediately and she refuses to talk about him at all now. Katie posted in the BB Chaos forum in June 2008 that she hopes to work in the WA mines in OH&S later in 2008.

David Graham (the former model and farmer in Goondiwindi, Qld who came out on day 4, evictee number nineteen). He went on the HM appearances tour and did plenty of charity work. He also discovered that his farm was in bad need of work (thanks to the drought) and that his boyfriend exploited David’s fame so the two split in December. In January 2007 he announced that he was going to be appearing on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ in February while the public sponsor his breeding stock of sheep – which were running out of food by then (again, thanks to the drought).

Dino Delic (evictee number seven). Hasn’t been seen since.

Anna Lind-Hansen (Revenge Room guest, fourth evictee) – the HMs sometimes call her “Spanner” and “Spannos”. She did some photo shoots after BB.

Claire Madden (evictee number fifteen). Still saving the wild animals in Borneo and anywhere else she can.

Krystal Forscutt (evictee number sixteen). Signed on with Zoo magazine in July 2006 as a columnist. She also co-hosted ‘The Up Late Gameshow’ for several episodes in August and September 2006 and recorded a single, called ‘Stimulation’ (an old Wa Wa Nee song) which was to be released in 2007. She appeared on ‘It Takes Two’ in May, 2007 and lasted three weeks. She is set to appear as a video game character later in 2007. She is still make money from photo shoots in 2008.

In an update to this in mid 2012, Krystal is apparently engaged and managing her partner’s gym while also working as a personal trainer (Reference: Herald Sun online, ‘Big Brother babe Krystal Forscutt has a ball‘, Fiona Byrne, August 04, 2012).

Karen Forscutt (third evictee). Krystal’s mother. Nice lady but hasn’t been seen since.

Jamie Brooksby – Winner. On August 21st, 2006, he lived in a department store window for 24 hours, in his underwear, as part of an underwear promotion. He hasn’t been seen since.

Elise Chen (second evictee). Hasn’t been seen since.

Tilli Clapham (first evictee). Hasn’t been seen since.

Jade Stack (second intruder in week 4, evictee number six) – once you go “Stack” you never go back apparently.

Danielle Foote (third intruder in week 4, evictee number eight). Released a single after performing it on the final night of BB 6. She has done some touring with her band and some photos shoots.

Rob Kandalaft (previously known online as Rob Rigley), (first intruder in week 4, evictee number eleven). In the week that BB6 ended, he became a regular co-host on ‘The Up Late Gameshow’ from August 2006 onwards. In 2007, he moved from Wollongong to Kemps Creek, where he opened Moore Street’s Platinum Hair Gallery, in partnership with his sister, Jennifer.

Perry Apostolou (first intruder in week 9, evictee number thirteen). Hasn’t been seen since.

Darren Bowley (second intruder in week 9, evictee number fourteen). Hasn’t been seen since.

Lauren Clayton (third intruder in week 9, evictee number ten). Hasn’t been seen since.

Chris Everden (replacement HM in week 12, evictee number seventeen). Hasn’t been seen since.

James “Max” Panebianco (replacement HM in week 12, evictee number eighteen). Max was quite popular with viewers during his few weeks in the BB House. After BB6 ended he promptly returned to his job at his family’s business – a cafe in the Sydney University campus. He does his usual long hours and on Saturday night he continues to hit the clubs with a small group of close friends, where they dance the night away.

N/A: Gina ? was the 16th original HM but was diagnosed with glandular fever just days before the series started. She had auditioned every single year and was finally selected to go into lockdown both times that intruders were sent into the House.

Big Brother Australia 2007 – Series 7 Housemates

Hayley Zalewski (aka surname: Luscott) – one of first 12 original HMs in week 1, fifth evictee. Hayley split with Andrew (see below) in 2007 blaming BB for using them.

Theresa Jane (TJ) Wilson – one of first 12 original HMs in week 1, second evictee. Got a job as a furniture consultant.

Rebecca Dent – one of first 12 original HMs in week 1, eigth evictee.

Kate Gladman – one of first 12 original HMs in week 1, first evictee. Kate quit her old job and obtained work in a law firm just weeks after her eviction (she had studied law for 5 years).

Emma Cornell – one of first 12 original HMs in week 1, ninth evictee.

Jamie McDonald – first HM to enter house, thirteenth evictee. Jamie is hosting his own video gaming show on Channel 31 and he went back (part time) to his old job as a karaoke host in Melbourne.

Bodie Czeladka – one of first 12 original HMs in week 1, third evictee.

Andrew Temmett (aka surname: Halas) – one of first 12 original HMs in week 1, eleventh evictee.

Joel Scalzi – one of first 12 original HMs in week 1, sixteenth evictee. Joel picked up some work at SAFM in Adelaide as an on-air DJ.

Thomas Haynes – one of first 12 original HMs in week 1, twelfth evictee.

Travers “Cruz” Chue – White Room HM in week 1, first to quit.

Harrison Rhoades – White Room HM in week 1, voted out after Kara.

Kara Otter – White Room HM in week 1, voted out first.

Demet Sahan – White Room HM in week 1, became a HM, fourth evictee.

Susannah Murray – publicly voted HM in week 1, seventh evictee. Appeared on Big Mouth in June 2008 and said she works at Zoo magazine as a sex columnist.

Zoran Vidinovski – publicly voted HM in week 1, seventeenth evictee.

Nick Sady – Golden Key winner in week 3, sixth evictee.

Laura Clare – intruder in week 5, tenth evictee.

Daniela Da Silva Pola – intruder in week 5, fifteenth evictee.

Michelle Olsen – intruder in week 8, fourteenth evictee. Michelle was last seen as a panelist on ‘Sweet and Sour’ on Channel 31 in Feb 2008.

Chris “Billy” Bentley – Mr X in week 1, evictee number eighteen.

Travis Perkins – one of first 12 original HMs in week 1, evictee number ninteen.

Zach Douglas – intruder in week 8 and runner-up for the series. Zach was on Seven HD’s ‘Nightcap’ from Feb 2008 until it got axed in March. He gave oral sex advice on air to a viewer and when the complaints from wowsers poured in, he was fired. Having been a blond previously, he turned up on the final BB FNL in 2008 with dark brown hair.

Aleisha Cowcher – one of first 12 original HMs in week 1 and winner.

Kyle Sandilands – special guest HM from Celeb BB Australia – series one. He is co-hosting the show from 2008.

Big Brother Australia 2008 – Series 8 Housemates

Rebecca Morgan (the skimpy barmaid). She was the second official evictee who voted herself out. Went on to audition for WAPA after she left BB.

Alice Redwood (the doctor). Evicted in the final week in fifth place (semi-final double eviction with Travis).

David Tchappat (the ex-cult victim, policeman and now fireman). Evicted at the third eviction (a double with Nathan).

Ben McCallum (the law student that really likes Jackie O). Third place for BB08 in week 13.

Rory Ammon (the brickie). Runner-up for BB08 in week 13.

Brigitte Stavaruk (the wealthy Paris wannabe). Evicted at tenth eviction.

Bianca Benigno (beautful and intelligent). Evicted at the ninth eviction. She said on Big Mouth on July 7th, 2008 that she wants to get into politics later. Turned down more than $20 000 to pose in Zoo magazine (reason: political and humanitarian ambitions).

Nobuyuki Tanaka (Nobbi, the Japanese guy). Evicted with almost 60% of the votes at the seventh eviction.

Renee Black (abbatoir worker). Evicted at the fifth eviction.

Rima Hadchiti (height challenged HM exculsively revealed on this site months before BB08 began). She broke her leg in week 1 and had to leave for a while but returned for three days in week 10.

Travis Gilyana (high pitched voice guy). Evicted in the final week in fourth place (semi-final double eviction with Alice).

Saxon Pepper (the gimmick that got him selected is that he believes in UFOs). He was the first official evictee.

Dixie Crawford (mental health worker). Evicted at the fourth eviction. Went on to work on a morning radio show in Broken Hill.

Terri Munro (evicted in a snap eviction in week 1, but returned a week later to be Corey’s guardian). Went on to win BB08 in week 13 and took home $250 000.

Corey Worthington (had a big summer party with 500 gatecrashers and appeared on BB to change the public’s opinion of him).

Michael Crafter (the most popular online auditionee, and singer in ‘I Killed The Prom Queen’, evicted in a snap eviction in week 2).

Craig “Barney” Barnett (another top three auditionee, evicted in a snap eviction in week 2).

Nathan Strempel (another top three auditionee). Evicted at the third eviction (a double with David).

Rhianna Baxter (first intruder, week 6). Evicted at the sixth eviction.

Ed Cherry (second intruder, week 6). Evicted at eleventh eviction.

Terrence Hardie (third intruder, week 6). Evicted at the eighth eviction.

Pamela Anderson, Peter Powers and Carson Kressley – guests.


Bibliography (2012 onwards)

“The Sunday Mail” (QLD), Where did our favourite contestants go after Big Brother finished?, Anooska Tucker-Evans, August 05, 2012

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