Welcome to the Big Brother Chaos archive! This area covers commentary and news from the earlier years of Big Brother Australia. Seasons 1 to 8 are here in this archive.

Logos, Opening Titles BB 1-8

A video posted on YouTube shows the old logos and opening titles of series 1 to 8 of Big Brother Australia.

Embedding has been disabled there by the uploader so you can watch it at Big Brother Australia Opening Titles 2001- 2008 .

Unseen, Uncut, Unreel DVD

A review in 2003 of an early BB AU DVD is here at Big Brother Australia Unseen, Uncut, Unreel DVD Review.

New Domain in 2007

Friday September, 28th, 2007 at 07:35pm AEDST, by BB Chaos Editor

BB Chaos has moved to BigBrotherChaos.com!

BB Chaos used to be run by a few people via a web site called Celebchaos in the early years of BB AU. Since 2007 it has had its own domain.

Some facts from 2003

Q: How does BB make money?

A: Examples are:

  • by selling the show to the network for around $30 million
  • selling advertising space for around $1 million a sponsor
  • using 1900 numbers and premium SMS (18 xx xx numbers) at 55 cents a call
  • charging for access to parts of the official website
  • selling 1200 tickets to the final eviction show at up to $120 for gold tickets
  • Government subsidies ($3 million in rebates and so on it was revealed in July, 2003)
  • and so on but costs are associated with that revenue of course.

Note that European media companies, like Endemol, made more than $85 million in revenue from premium SMS television voting services in 2002, a survey by Stand Consult found in mid 2003, according to a newspaper report in July 2003. One can imagine then, that given half of the 55 cents goes to BB and the other half to the telco, BB is making a few bucks out of that revenue stream alone.

Q: Are the live shows on a broadcasting delay?

A: Yes. The DVD in fact revealed what this site has said all along about a delay. There is a 30 second satellite uplink delay to prevent swearing going to air in some time slots.

Site Home, Photos, News

This archive was redeveloped for current browsers in August 2014. It contains all the old news and commentary on this site from earlier years of BB AU.


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Photos of the Housemates and the House in some years are in the gallery.

Current News, Opinion

News and commentary from Big Brother Australia 2012, 2013 and 2014 is in the news blog.

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Music of Big Brother

More video clips will be added soon but for now here are some videos of music associated with Big Brother over the years.

Series 1 - Sirens Feat. Sarah-Maree - I'm So Exited (The Bum Dance) Big Brother Australia 2001


Danielle Foote made a single called 'Underneath The Radar' and performed it on the BB 2006 Finale. Video of the single itself is hard to find online. However, the finale video below shows the performance at 1 hour, 42 minutes in.

Series 7 - The Potbelleez 'Don't Hold Back'

Big Brother Facebook

Commonly used terms

These are some commonly used terms in this archive.

  • House or house - refers to the Big Brother House in Dreamworld.
  • Dreamworld - an Australian theme park on the Gold Coast in the state of Queensland. It is located near the city of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. The house is right inside the park with roller coasters and all not far away. Click here for more information and some photos of two rides.
  • HMs - short for housemates - the contestants of this show.
  • Big BB - refers to the Executive Producer (EP) and sometimes the main voice of BB. The EPs in 2008 are Virginia Hodgson and Rory Callaghan. It was Tim Toni in 2007. From 2004 to 2006 it was Kris Noble and previously it was Peter Abbott. The EP works for SSE (also known as ESS).
  • ESS - short for Endemol Southern Star, the production company in Oz for BB and other shows on Aussie TV.
  • Mikey G - short for, the very funny, Mike Goldman (see onthemike.com.au). Mike has been the host of 'Up Late' since series three in 2003, crowd warm up guy at the eviction show and daily show voice over man since the first series. Since 2005 he has also hosted 'BB: Friday Night Live' which is referred to here as FNL.
  • Cesspit - users of the Oz Updates forum use this word to describe the official site's forum (because of the fighting, slander and general criticism). As of early May 2004, the Cesspit was closed but BB recommended a Yahoo Group. In 2005 and 2006 the Cesspit is back.


  • The voices of BB this year, as seen in the first daily show, are: Aaron Lucas (returning Deputy Big Brother) and two new guys named Jonathan Coffey and Leon Murray.


  • BB - short for Big Brother, the show and the voices of each Deputy BB that the HMs hear. In 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007, the main voice of BB is former newspaper and television Journalist, Nick "Carrot Top" Colquhoun (also referred to here as "Ginger Meggs"). In 2005 he was joined by Rikkie Proost who worked on BB in South Africa. In 2006 both were joined by Aaron Lucas who also works as a control room, Supervising Producer - House and voice of BB.

    In addition to Nick Colquhoun (the main voice of BB and now a Series Producer), the names of the other Deputy Big Brother voices for 2007 are: Aaron Lucas (returning for second year), Amy Coleman and Mark Grieve.

  • Gorgeous Gretel - a lady who is exquisitely beautiful, classy, intelligent, witty and, some might say, condescending toward men (which is funny but embarrassing for guys). From 2001 to 2007, she hosted the BB eviction show and a few other BB shows each week. See Gretel-Killeen.com for more.
  • King Kyle - he was the host of BB along with Jackie O, in 2008.

Big Brother Australia 2003 Snapshot

The Anouska Files - July 2003

  • Anouska left the Aussie BB house on Sunday July 13th, 2003 after more than a week with the series, to head back to the UK for the final weeks of BB 4.
  • Did you know that she hates insects and cries when one is near?
  • Did you know that she talks in her sleep?


Big Brother Australia 2005 Snapshot

BB statistics

In 2005 the "Third Generation" (3G) phone company that sponsored BB Australia claimed that there were 2 million live stream requests on the network for the whole series (slightly up on the previous year's figures when this first started in 2004).

This is where phone users connected to the network and that had subscribed to the BB stream offer were able to watch the BB contestants in the house at any time of the day or night. So what other statistics about BB are available?

  • The first ever live mobile chat was conducted with housemate Michael barely hours after his eviction - and attracted more than 1000 questions.
  • An average day on the official BB site will see more than 3.4 million page impressions, which come from net surfers visiting up to three and four times a day.

Big Brother Australia 2005 Snapshot

BB statistics continued

  • Statistics show that each visitor spends between 12 and 15 minutes browsing the site.
  • Ericsson supplied the technology and infrastructure in 2005 to enable 3G and Web users to watch the contestants. Almost 300 crew manage these and the cameras and work on video editing through to the procurement of food and so on.
  • Nearly 20 kilometres of digital fibre cable is used to run video from the house at 1000 megabits per second to the Web and 3G phones.
  • Two feeds are recorded simultaneously at the control panel and are saved into a digital database where they are date-stamped and time-coded. This can then be searched for a specific event such as a coversation or food fight.
  • Finally, to more site statistics. Fansites such as BB Chaos attract between 10 000 to 20 000 unique visitors on the first day of each series.
  • The official BB site can attract up to 200 000 visitors on the first day. Fansites such as BB Chaos use between 10 to 120 gigabytes of bandwidth each month during the series. The official site's figures are in the terabytes range.
  • A die-hard fan can fit all of the video from the official site plus a whole series of BB episodes on 10 to 20 gigabytes worth of file space on a computer, depending on whether or not one cuts out the ads. Most shows each day are up to 100MB in file size on a computer.

House & Housemate Photos

Photos of the Big Brother Australia 2013 House, floor plan and also of the Housemates are in the Big Brother Australia photo gallery.

Big Brother Facebook

The Big Brother Australia - Big Brother Chaos Facebook page offers news, ratings, some photos, and more, including an opportunity to interact with the admin (unlike many other pages). Click 'Like' when you check it out, post your opinions and share any news and other information for other fans if you like.

North American Viewers

Lots more North American viewers are watching BB AU via YouTube and other places in 2013 and 2014, they have said in the BB Chaos Facebook.

Here is a general introduction page about Aussie slang on AustraliaAU.com - Australian slang words, phrases, sentences, sayings.

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